Another great show for Sileby Kruzsader. Starting off with a win in his halter class and onto our favourite class, the Liberty event. After weeks of searching through music to find the perfect song with a good theme and failing I decided to do a repeat of our 2015 Liberty performance to Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock. Just cant find a song better, perfect length, great theme and a good beat. Cant go past a classic. Kruz didnt let me down and put on a great show, displaying his easy big trot and performing his tricks for the crowd. He was again awarded Liberty Champion for 2017. 2 out of 3 aint bad. A very big thanks goes to the very generous Liberty class sponsor Tamara Mepham.

we finished off the day with a couple of ridden classes and placed second in his height hack class.

Another fabulous show. Much appreciation to WAAHA for their efforts.

Once again my boy Sileby Kruzsader was on his best behaviour. It was quite a big day, competing in his stallion halter and ridden classes, the freestyle ridden class, Show costume, Working stockhorse and Australian Pleasure. My favourite class is the working stockhorse and he did not disappoint. The Judge commented that we executed the workout extremely well. Its nice to know that even in a class of one that we performed all the required movements to a standard good enough to deserve the ribbon put around his neck. Kruz is now the Working Stockhorse state champion 2 years running. He also proved his versatility going from halter, to hack, to fancy dress, to costume and then to stockhorse.

70880610-2016+WAAHA+State+Championships_146 70880611-WAAHA+State+Championships_783 70880612-WAAHA+State+Championships_795

65412574-Vicki+-+A+J+Show_971Saturday the 16th April 2016 I took Sileby Kruzsader to the Arabian Jackpot Show. An arabian extravaganza show like no other. No expense was spared with the running of this show. Competitors were awarded fantastic prizes including one of a kind sculpted trophys. I entered Kruz in a number of classes. He came home with Bronze Stallion aged 4-6yo, Silver ridden Purebred Stallion and Gold Australian Pleasure.

I got to put my Arabian costume on for the first time, I had spent months and months making this costume. This was the very first time it had been on him. Took me some time to convince him it was me under all my headgear. This class was also the first ridden class of the show so considering he had a lot to cope with he didnt do too badly, however he spotted a cameraman hiding behind a bush and it was all he needed to have a little dummy spit so unfortunately we were unplaced.

We were invited to put on a little trick demonstration during the lunch break. I was so relieved that he did everything I asked him to and Im so proud of how far he has come in just 12 months, some of his tricks he had only learnt in the 2 weeks prior to this show while putting the routine together. Here you will find the video. Hope you enjoy it.



65412573-Vicki+-+A+J+Show_1049 65412572-Vicki+-+A+J+Show_1019 65412576-Vicki+-+A+J+Show_1536 65412575-Vicki+-+A+J+Show_1429

19th March 2016 we attended the Torquata All Arabian show, our first show for the year. We had a huge day planned, entering over 20 classes in both halter and ridden events. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side this year and a storm saw the show cancelled due to heavy rain and lightning. This meant we missed out on the fun stuff, costume, working stockhorse and games and others.

We had a great show though and walked away with plenty of ribbons.

He placed 2nd in the WA Bred Stallion Class, 2nd Stallion aged 4yo to 6yo and Reserve champion Stallion/Colt, He placed 2nd in the Sporthorse Male class, 1st Ridden Stallion. We were invited to compete in the Ultimate Arabian class where we were awarded a finalist ribbon.

He is so much fun to work with, a real showman, he loves to fly his tail high, not out of fear, just pure pride. His ridden work is improving, Considering the limited time I have to ride and school him I think he is doing well. Onwards and upwards.

Many thanks to Katherine Scott and Chris Ros for these great photos.


1 Katherine Scott photo 2 Katherine Scott Photo img010 Kruz AA1 Kruz AA2

Attended my first ever Arabian State Championships this year with Sileby Kruzsader. It was a last minute decision leaving me with 2 weeks to get him ready. I decided to enter the working stockhorse class, this meant we had a lot of work to do in that two weeks, learning flying changes, refining our rollbacks and learning ground tie. I purchased my first ever stockwhip which I had to learn to crack and had to teach Kruz to accept. It was quite a big ask but by the end of the 2 weeks I was feeling confident we could complete the routine without looking too silly.

We entered the Stallion 4-6yo class inhand where he placed first finalist = 3rd place.

Ridden stallion where we placed reserve champion.

Working Stockhorse with a solid routine we placed Champion

and Australian Pleasure where we placed First Finalist = 3rd.

I was quite pleased with our results. 2 weeks of hard work paid off. This was his second ever ridden show outing and including our two endurance training rides his 4th ever ridden outing. Despite a very excitable start under saddle, he settled into a lovely listening mount for the rest of the afternoon.

img007 img008 img009

On the 5th October 2015, Sileby Krystal Nile delivered us a beautiful healthy filly by the wonderful Tora Sardeeka. a lovely little bay going grey with big blaze and socks. Spot on straight legs like mum, lovely strong body and hindquarter and a beautiful head. We got everything we were hoping for with this cross. Mike Gill will be keeping this lovely little girl, he has named her Avon Sabre (pend.). The future looks super bright.

Sabre at 5 days old  img004

img001On the 16th August 2015 I took Sileby Kruzsader to the Gosnells winter Showcase Breed show. It was a beautiful day. Kruzsader was again on his best behaviour, being at our local Horse and Pony Club I rode him to the show, carrying a large bag with everything I needed for the day. This show we entered the Stallion 4uo and Over, best head, best trot and for the first time, ridden stallion. Kruz did well in the in hand section, being the only stallion/colt, he won 1st and champion stallion/colt. He then went on to win Supreme Arabian against the champion mare and gelding. He placed 3rd in best head and 2nd in best trot. We contested for Supreme of Supremes in a HUGE class of every kind of breed, we were unsuccessful but it was a great class with so many amazing horses, the winner was a glorious Andalusian Stallion. Next up was our ridden stallion class, Kruz behaved fairly well for his first time ridden at a show, he is still very green with his education which showed but he also showed promise and potential and I know he will only get better. He won 1st ridden stallion and reserve champion ridden Arabian to top off a great day.

img003  img002

On the 27th June Sileby Kruzsader completed his first introductory 20km endurance ride. He was a complete gentleman the whole time. Everything was new for him, the vetting procedure, being in float yards and riding in company. A lot of people didnt realise he was in fact a stallion he was so well behaved. This was a challenging ride with a very large and long hill climb, which I walked him up. He had not been ridden for 3 weeks prior to this ride so I needed to take it easy on him. He completed the ride in just under 2.5hours. 41 heart rate pre ride and 41hr post ride, all As and 1s. After the ride he had a great appetite too, more interested in the grass than the other horses in the crowded tpr ring. The future looks bright.


Well what a show! We had some fantastic results from the Sileby horses.

Sileby Kruzsader was entered in three classes, Purebred Sporthorse 4yo and Over, Purebred Stallion 4 to 7yo and the Liberty class. Kruz placed 1st Arabian Sporthorse 4yo, a big thank you to the class sponsor Noran Arabians. This was the firs time a sport horse class has been offered and one of the classes I was really keen to do well in considering my aim is to produce Arabian Sport Horses so I was thrilled with this win. In the Purebred Stallion 4-7yo class Kruz again placed first, although it was by default as the other competing stallion had a gear mishap and got loose resulting in his unfortunate elimination. It would have been interesting to see who would have won otherwise. Lastly our Liberty class, also the first time Liberty has been offered for a very long time. Kruz put on a fantastic show, he was very tired and over it all so he didn’t put in as much effort as he usually does at home but he still did everything he was asked to do, kept a level head, displayed his wonderful temperament, movement and train-ability and took out 1st place – Champion Liberty Horse for 2015 winning the $250 prize. I’m just absolutely thrilled with him, only his 4th show and he surprises me every time.

Sileby Katana owned and shown by Tania Oosterhof also did us proud. She won 1st place in Purebred Arabian Sporthorse 3yo and under also sponsored by Noran Arabians, so another big thank you to them for supporting these new classes with sponsorship. Then she placed 2nd in Purebred 3yo Filly class. Katana was entered in the Liberty class and she put on a fantastic display. Showing her wonderful movement and temperament as she stayed with Tania and it looked like they were dancing together as they moved around.

So some fantastic results, Sileby horses winning both sporthorse classes, and fantastic displays in Liberty with Kruz winning.


The All Arabian Show 2015 was quite a success. Sileby Kruzsader (Kruz) achieved 2nd and Reserve Champion Best WA Bred stallion, 2nd Classic Trot, First in Progeny class representing his dam Kainui Park Bint Kazareh with his half sister Sileby Katana, and 1st Purebred Arabian Stallion 4 to 6yo. I think we did quite well being our first A class show and only his third time out. He handled the day very well, settled right down and behaved like a sleeping gelding for most of the day. Very proud of my young man.